The fastest website loading speeds for your visitors who reside in US, Canada and also Latin America

If your main memory–hungry multi–media sites will be aimed toward customers originating from USA, Canada and also Latin America, in that case our USA datacenter can offer the best virtual hosting solution for you. The Steadfast data center is in downtown Chicago and serves quite a few of the most significant telecommunications providers in the US. It gives you total redundancy in network connectivity and power thereby it’s excellent for hosting your demanding web sites and applications.

Using the VPS Web Hosting Plans US option is easy and simple. Simply opt for the configuration you prefer, picking out from a variety of VPS solutions on our website and afterwards choose the USA datacenter on the order form. Our administrators will set up the server for you in the USA datacenter absolutely for free and will also be on–site 24x7 to ensure a 99.9% network uptime. Furthermore, they’re going to perform once–a–week offsite backups of your respective VPS to make sure your information is kept safe and sound all the time.

Other US Hosting Services

The US data center supplies a superb infrastructure, allowing us to offer you many types of hosting services apart from Virtual Private Servers.

In the data center you’ll find Shared Hosting US packs, which can be extremely good if you’d like to host an uncomplicated blog or portfolio web site, or possibly a fairly popular e–shop. Our shared hosting plans offers all have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a cost–free marketing tool domain registration and infinite disk space & traffic quotas. Semi-dedicated Plans US are offered. They’re the best choice when you need more power than a shared hosting plans account can offer, but dedicated servers are too challenging to handle and require far too much upkeep on your part. The semi–dedicated servers include considerable CPU and MySQL database storage space allocations, making them excellent for popular sites with numerous month–to–month visitors. For people who need something more powerful, you will find Dedicated Web Hosting Plans US. By having a dedicated server, you’ll be able to to host any site or web application that you want, no matter how CPU–intensive or demanding it can be.